Traditional Taiwanese Food

Venue: Square in front of the Teaching Building
Time: 9AM~12PM

Bubble tea

Bubble tea originated from Taichung City, Taiwan. It’s the featured Taiwanese drink in both the looks and taste. Taiwanese are crazy about it while foreign tourists consider the drink a must-have for the drink is a typical Taiwanese delicacy.

The making of bubble tea is about shaking the drink with a shake cup. This may give participants of the event the feeling as a bartender. In addition, participants may also create their own favorite flavor.


“Mochi,” one of the most featured rice-made products in the Hakka culture, is made from glutinous rice. It is soft and sticky. It is also a delicacy in local Aboriginal culture and is usually made by milling the rice in a wooden bowl or stone mill. The name of the snack varies in different local Aboriginal tribes.

Mochi was originally called “douchi,” but the name was changed to “mochi” under the influence of Japanese snacks and wagashi known as mochi.

With various flavors and recipes of mochi, participants of the event may have a hands-on experience of steaming, roasting, frying or boiling mochi, or create a new flavor of their own. Don’t hesitate! Come and enjoy milling mochi.