ISU International House

No.6, Yi Da 7th St., Dashu District, Kaoshiung County, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel: +886-7-6568311

Participants may book a room by filing an application through the registration system. The organizer is not responsible for roommate arrangement. Participants may make a reservation for the accommodation on March 25 only (the eve of the Carnival). Please contact the ISU International House if extra accommodation is needed.

Rooms available on March 25:
Single Room: 11 rooms at House 1
Price (Breakfast included): NT$800

Single Room(House 1)

Double Room: 9 rooms at House1 and 37 rooms at House2
Price (Breakfast included): NT$1000

Double Room(House 1) Double Room(House 2)

Triple Room: 2 rooms at House2
Price (Breakfast included): NT$1500

Triple Room(House 2) Triple Room(House 2)

Quad Room: 6 rooms at House 2
Price (Breakfast included): NT$2000

Quad Room(House 2) Quad Room(House 2)

Bathroom Facilities:

Bathroom Facilities(House 2) Bathroom Facilities(House 2)